Innovation für Finanzen und Controlling

In-house workshop - Dynamic Business Steering


Companies are feeling the increasing dynamics and the associated risks of global markets. The buzzword complexity as an expression of this phenomenon is booming. Flexible action is needed, rigid planning and budgeting systems are increasingly becoming a limiting factor.

There's another way. This can now be proven by numerous practical examples. Many companies are already working successfully today without fixed annual budgets. Different alternative solutions were tested and implemented.

The half-day in-house workshop Dynamic Business Steering teaches you the central principles of financial management and control without fixed annual budgets (based on my practical experience with Swiss and international companies and the six Beyond Budgeting process principles). Based on concrete examples from my professional practice, different ways for a successful implementation in your company are presented and discussed.



  • You will learn about the central principles of financial management and control without annual budgets.
  • Based on concrete examples, you will learn more about the implementation of these principles in practice.
  • You will learn about the most important success factors for a successful introduction of dynamic business steering - and the risks associated with this.
  • You can realistically assess the feasibility in your own company.


Managers who want to learn more about

  • the principles of financial management and control without annual budgets,
  • practical experience and
  • the possibilities/limitations of implementation.


4 hours


Flat rate 1'250 CHF (plus VAT) / 1'100 EUR

If you are interested, please contact me